• Judge Toni Walker Terrett

    Ninth Judicial District Circuit Court

    Serving Warren, Sharkey and Issaquena Counties

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    Warren County Courthouse, 1009 Cherry Street, Vicksburg, MS 39183

    Sharkey County Courthouse, 120 Locust Street, Rolling Fork, MS 39159

    Issaquena County Courthouse, 129 Court Street, Mayersville, MS 39113


    About Circuit Court


    Circuit Courts hear felony criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits. Circuit Courts hear appeals from County, Justice, and Municipal courts and from administrative boards and commissions such as the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.


    There are 22 Circuit Court districts and 57 Circuit Court judges. The number of Circuit Judges per district ranges from one to four. Circuit Court judges are selected in non-partisan elections to serve four-year terms. The Ninth Judicial District consists of two judges - Judge M. James Chaney and Judge Toni Walker Terrett.


    Trials are heard with a 12-member jury and usually one or two alternate jurors. A judge may preside without a jury if the dispute is a question of law rather than fact.



    About Intervention Courts


    Intervention Courts are special courts which address crimes committed by persons addicted to drugs or alcohol. Intervention courts seek to rehabilitate drug-using offenders through drug treatment and intense supervision with drug testing and frequent court appearances. Intervention courts offer the incentive of a chance to remain out of jail and be employed, and the sanction of a jail sentence if participants fail to remain drug-free and in compliance with all program requirements.


    For more information about the Ninth Circuit District Intervention Court, call 601-619-4323.

    Court Administrator: Sharonda Taylor

    Field Officers: Sharonda Hunter